Static In The Presence Of Intrusive Consciousness

by Weltschmerz

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First full-length album from the german/danish band Weltschmerz

The title of the first Weltschmerz album "Static in the presence of intrusive consciousness" refers to the astonishment, more often even horror about certain unwelcome thoughts suddenly emerging within ones mind. You might be driving and suddenly think about steering your car into the uncoming traffic, or you might be standing on a high ledge suddenly feeling an urge to jump. Even thoughts far more sinister might reveal themselves but only ever for a split second. This feeling is also referred to as "call of the void" and can be experienced by anyone in any given situation. Most often one immediatly expells those thoughts and worries about ones own mental health. Sometimes though, you might stop to reflect on those thoughts, even involuntarily. This mights happen so often, that the intrusive thoughts and ideas you so desperately try to free yourself from become a part of you, pervade your mind and fester within you until they are no longer mere thoughts but form a consciousness on their own. The more you try to expell it, the more you are forced to reflect upon it until you become completely static in the presence of intrusive consciousness.


released July 12, 2017

Weltschmerz is:
Janos Gafert: Drums
Matthias Runge: Guitar
Anders Pedholt Toftgaard-Hansen: Guitar, Bass & Piano
Jens Schwartz Sørensen: Lyrics & Vocals

Mix and Master: Matthias Runge



all rights reserved


Weltschmerz Flensburg, Germany

Weltschmerz is a danish/german blackgaze band, formed in 2014 in the german town of Flensburg. Blackgaze is a fusion between black metal and shoegaze and thus combines the velocity, the anger and the brutal force of black metal with the atmospheric sound of shoegaze. The band consists of four members, originating from both Denmark and Germany ... more

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Track Name: Rite Of Passage
Laying in a pond of eutrophic lethargy
Long gone seems the day of enlightenment
I feel so lost, I feel so lovelorn
The atmosphere of my mind darkened
Spine sharpened into a spear, growing through my skull
Shattering the multi-detailed memories of the past with no weight
Succumbing to the grief
Waves of joy evaporating and bleeding into space
Track Name: Funeral Fire - Part I
I rested on the stairway
The railing was bent and crooked from the weight of my predecessor
My opponent
Filled with wrath without a cause
Wear the crown of the morose
Muscles tired from the terror of your diverted compassion
I crawled, stretched my body to its full length
You took my hand and held it
Pulled me up onto yourself just to drive a knife into my heart and leave it there
I loved how your mercyful tears showed me the emotion I had failed to find for so many years

This is a gift
that never stops giving
Oh my lungs they are so lucky
For the pressure
Is the only thing they ever had to endure
Track Name: Ashes - Part II
This is joy
Endless joy
Track Name: Katharsis
- Instrumental -
Track Name: Keed Af Verden
I have been separated from all lust and desire
I can no longer tell if the air around me has gotten warmer
or if I have gotten used to the coldness
The unsteady and the unquiet salute as I walk past them
a victor to their ranks

They lay me facedown in a puddle to drown in of murder and hate
No one is sure to stay for a last farewell to their prosperous peer
I wish I was blind and deaf, just so I wouldn't have to witness the ugliness of the world
Ever so echoing one question

I have been separated from all lust and desire
I can no longer tell if the air around me has gotten warmer

I wish I was blind and deaf, just so I wouldn't have to witness the ugliness of the world
Am I insane?

The rules set by undisclosed desires, they multiply
unbent, unbroken, untested by the challenge of time
faster and faster
grinding and eating away on idle hands
It's us, me
We are dying
Track Name: Hiraeth
Tall and bitter frowns
Wrath and irritation rising to staggering heights
Days on days on days

New gold every hour, each time more impure than in the hour before
Consuming, inhaling, devouring
Sell your soul for this place so impure

I see it all, I breathe the world
The world breathes through me
I lean in, I gaze into the abyss
Darker and darker, it reaches out and tears me away from my safe lookout

I scream, I fall
I can breathe

Soak up the sun, it's rays caress my battered mind
They gently push aside
The iron veil forged by ages of grief
The blissful, forgiving solitude found in places next door
Made up of roots so old
Here lies time buried and entangled in dust and fallen leaves
Every year another layer added
Weighing down the ground with volumes of grief and sorrow cast off
And shed like a skin
But to no avail for the age old roots still impart this prayer of transformation

Atlantis in my head and you like no other have seen the salt around my eyes
But you showed me a path worth taking and I don't know of the stones that lie in our way but I know that I'd move each and everyone for you
And may the rivers of terror roar and deafen us
We'll still be standing on the shore burying our feet in the warm sand
Track Name: Willkür
Ich bin das Wahre
Die unendliche Pein
Vertrauter Rythmus
Durch Sehnen, durch Fleisch und Bein

Ich bin die Willkür
Die Zweifel am Scheideweg
Ohne Vernunft
Ganz und gar bedauerlich

Diese einzelnen Momente
Voller unverfälschter Freude
Vergangen in einem Augenblick
Sie lassen mich verstehen, sie lassen mich verstehen
Und alles andere ergraut

Ich lebe nicht
Ich existiere bloß
Ich sehe nichts, Ich sehe nichts
Nur Den Tod